Access Art with Confidence

ArtChain Global is an art title registry and trading platform for the art world, with the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger (blockchain) technology.

All ArtChain Global registered art pieces come with an immutable digital provenance record encased in blockchain. Details such as history of ownership and transaction records (if traded on ArtChain Global), which ensures maximum value for the artwork through time.

Each artwork is authenticated by its original artist, whom themselves are endorsed by a panel of art industry specialists.

You can use our AI system to verify authenticity, ensuring the physical item is the actual item represented on the platform.

Aside from recording the art provenance and verifying authenticity, artists can track resale royalties when their artwork is sold on the ArtChain Global platform.

ArtChain Global is the destination of choice for art lovers to access more art with confidence.

Why buy a painting or art on ArtChain Global?

Art Provenance

Important for an artwork’s value through time, ArtChain Global tracks and records all ownership changes whilst maintaining privacy

Original Art

The purpose-built AI function provides an authentication scan upon arrival of your purchase prior to the seller being paid - ensuring no substitutes in transit

Authenticity and AI

Artwork certified by the original artist themselves is mapped by ArtChain Global’s AI robot. You can confidently authenticate physical artwork using our ArtChain mobile app

Digital Art Title

Own your artwork with a recognized cryptographic token containing the details and history of ownership


A permanent digital record that preserves an artwork’s identity, history of ownership and verified authenticity on the blockchain

Online Marketplace

An online marketplace for artwork from all corners of the globe, verified by the original artist themselves

Below are answers to some of the most common questions from our users.

FAQs About ArtChain Global

  • What types of art are listed on ArtChain Global?

    At ArtChain Global we’re lovers of all art. You can find a wide range of art on our website, such as abstract art, wall art, pop art, and all types of paintings and drawings from all corners of the world.

  • What is blockchain? What is a distributed ledger?

    Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a database which isn’t stored in one single location, hence the ‘distributed’ in the name. Whilst Blockchain Technology is a form of DLT, they are not necessarily identical, there are some differences in the way they record. Blockchain is a form of DLT which builds blocks of information in a timely manner, these blocks are held in a distributed fashion, located on a number of connected servers in different locations. Essentially this technology in its most basic form is a database system; it is a modern, secure, unalterable (immutable) virtually unhackable way to store data and record transactions hence the global interest in Blockchain.

    Blockchain began over 10 years ago with Bitcoin, it is now used by businesses in all kinds of industries and it is operating at speeds allowing encrypted transactions to take merely seconds.

    ArtChain Global is built on a custom blockchain system to record transactions, verify artwork authenticity, artwork ownership and provenance. Physical artwork is represented digitally by a token system, which records all the data about the artwork and is the ‘digital title’ for that physical piece. Owning the digital title is the equivalent to owning the title to your own home. Banks, insurance companies and potential buyers can check to ensure that you do indeed own this piece of artwork which is transferred to the next owner in the event of a sale on the ArtChain Global platform.

  • How can I ensure authenticity of an artwork?

    When an artwork’s image is uploaded to the platform as part of the registration process, ArtChain Global’s unique artificial intelligence software – which is built in partnership with Swinburne University - analyzes each artwork down to each individual pixel. What this means is that each brush stroke is identified in minute detail. When a painting is bought through the platform and delivered to you, you can simply take a photo of the painting and upload that photo to the platform. ArtChain Global’s platform will then analyze the photo of the artwork with the artificial intelligence software and match it to the original photo taken of the artwork. If they are the same, you can be assured that you’ve received the actual artwork. Should there be a difference between the two, the platform will flag this.

  • How do I estimate additional costs of the art I’m interested in, such as shipping and framing of artwork or painting?

    Check the shipping information on the artwork details page. It will give an indication of where the artwork is located/shipped from. Contact ArtChain Global if you need help with shipping.

  • What does Not Available mean on the artwork details page when I can see it’s listed on the page?

    It is a temporary status and also means that another user is in the process of completing a payment for the artwork. Sometimes a user may not complete the purchase or changed their mind. In this case the artwork will be released back for sale.

  • How do I get started?

    You can browse for artwork, artist and galleries at any time. However, if you wish to favorite anything, you will need to register an account. With an account, you can also buy and sell artwork, create a collection.