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pic_author   MOSES ANG - Singapore

Authenticated AUTHENTICATED BY ARTIST        The Eternal -In-Awaiting Bride at the Garden of Hong Lim

Collection: Abstract, Landscape, Asian
Medium: Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 260*145*5
Extra details: signed, dated
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  06/09/2019   1567986373062242
Details of Art Work

Medium: Collage with Arcylic colours and enamel on canvas

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Shipping From:   Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

About this Artwork

Artist Statment on "The Eternal-In-Awaiting Bride at the Garden of Hong Lim" (2018) by ANG YIAN SANN "When we go to the Garden of Hong Lim, the advocacy of pink movement is not about freedom, but repression converted to perversion. It is not intellectual diversity but a social elite of bad behaviour to be accepted as norms. Unique in a city-state like none other, but NOT to be a Sodom and Gomorrah of its fate (Genesis 1:24). Yet the law of Man can change to suit a Babylon and its christmas tree of over-indulgence. But the Law of Holiness still remain unchanged since and then, now and in eternality. When the dust of our humanly bodies return to the earth (Ecclesiastes 12:7) The spirit will return to its source and we are done. It has all the information, but not the soulish heart of emotions constructed realities of falsehood. That very breath He breathe (Genesis 2:7) in us will be returned. Picasso aptly put it to give a form to the spirits, we become independent. He said "Les Demoiselles dÁvignon must have come to me that very day, but not at all because of the forms; because it was my first exorcism painting" A de-constructed form into the spiritual square than to live in temporal world of the circle, where Man still imprisoned in soulish vanity. Life is impermanence. We are truly the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo living between a spiritual realm of a square and temporal world of a circle. It is an intelligent design indeed. We can all chose to be the Bride of The Bridegroom and awaiting to be fetched upon, yet we can also be the Eternal-In-Awaiting Bride where it is not make known and beyond recognition. He does not know you. And forever ever awaiting at the Garden of Hong Lim with the gown of washing dirty laundry in pinky public space . It is beyond recognition of its white glory to be fetched as the Bride in the second coming. The Book of Ecclesiastes is concerned with the purpose and value of human life. Eccesiates applies “Vanity of vanities”to everything under the sun even to that wisdom which seeks to find at last a semblance of the good in the things of the world. Merit does not yield happiness for it is often tried by suffering. Riches and pleasures do not avail. Existence is monotonous, enjoyment fleeting and vain; darkness quickly follows. Life is an enigma beyond human ability to solve. It is without excuse (Romans 1:20) to overwrite the software of Man's excuses of double mind to a singular mind of The Bride. Keep the Law and for which you are already freed (Freedom). Yes, it is a deliverance. Singapore is NOT Israel , but Mercy upon us is, I am."

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