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pic_author   Anthony White - France

Authenticated AUTHENTICATED BY ARTIST        Pala

Collection: Abstract
Medium: Oil Painting
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 150*120*4
Extra details: framed, signed, dated
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  01/09/2019   1567383527343522
AUD $14000 / piece (excludes shipping cost)
Details of Art Work

Oil on linen Informal Relations at The Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong,Pentimento at Metro gallery, Melbourne

Exhibition History

Informal Relations at The Cat Street Gallery Hong Kong    ----    2013-2014
Pentimento at Metro gallery, Melbourne    ----    2015-2016

Selling Information

Shipping From:   Armadale, VIC, Australia

About this Artwork

The name ​Pala​ comes from the setting of the 1962 text ​The Island b​ y Aldous Huxley. This utopian novel was set in a Polynesian island which acted as a stark contrast to the to Huxley’s previous dystopian novel Brave New World. I’m interested in the relationship between literature and visual art.With this genre the author often uses character’s relationships to comment about the society they exist in and also draws links to our own current contemporary society. Likewise in my practice I want to communicate links between series of works and the different commentaries that run alongside each body of respective work. When you look at the differences between ​Brave New World a​ nd ​The Island​ we can see a strong commentary on society and the transfer between a peaceful utopia to somewhat more of a capitalist society acting as a surveillance state.In the Palanese society most things operated in the utopian sense, there were drugs to be used for spiritual enlightenment, and crude oil on the island was extracted in a way that was harmonious to the native people’s existence. ​Pala​ is informed by this sense of peace the text’s utopian setting and the light of the south of France that melts across the land each day in the summer months. The title refers to the city in the french riviera where Huxley spent a large amount of time writing especially ​Brave New World.

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