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pic_author   MOSES ANG - Singapore

Authenticated AUTHENTICATED BY ARTIST        Inknographing Thai Quang Trung at Heaven Gate

Collection: Landscape, Asian, Nature
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 200*100*0.1
Extra details: signed, dated
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  10/09/2019   1568092118947144
Details of Art Work

The painting is mixed media work of art with collage and arcylic colours on canvas. The painting is at Artist's studio in Singapore.

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Selling Information

Shipping From:   Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

About this Artwork

Artist Statement : "Inknographing Thai Quang Trung at Heaven gate" (2013) by ANG YIAN SANN "When we pay homage to an old friend, we tend to take a sentimental sensory experience in which how our memory in the construction and the de-construction of the character of personalities. But yet it is beyond our possible imagination not to overly take that view, but that view of the afterlife. We all wanted to go to Heaven. We can always dream of the Heaven gate in Man's thought and way. But, sometimes we take a moment in deeper thought about Eternality. Eternality space is not a choice. No matter what we do, we still go to Eternal space - either Lightness or Darkness. We can choose accordingly to His Will upon us. But the choice to chose Eternal Lightness is our Freewill inherited to us as his sons and daughters. We have that right to Eternal Lightness and the grace unto us. Do not forget, when we enter eternality space, we either go to Lightness or Darkness. But our choice is Eternal Lightness and not Eternal Darkness. We can choose according to Heaven's thoughts and ways. We will create in the best light of someone we know, yet the mystery is still unknown. The Heaven gate is the best possible humanly vision we can think of. Yet the truth still remains unknown. Like an old friend, we all know what he wanted to do on earth, but what truly Heaven wants out of him remains unknown. It does not mean you can go to Heaven-gate means you actually enter Heaven. This is what a friend can do to paint the best aspiration you always wanted in the Heaven gate vision. But what truly transpired, only Heaven knows. We shall leave it as it is, shall be and will be. Another life is gone, a new life is born at the same time. The Book of Ecclesiastes is concerned with the purpose and value of human life. Ecclesiastes applies “Vanity of vanities” to everything under the sun even to that wisdom which seeks to find at last a semblance of the good in the things of the world. Merit does not yield happiness for it is often tried by suffering. Riches and pleasures do not avail. Existence is monotonous, enjoyment fleeting and vain; darkness quickly follows. Life is an enigma beyond human ability to solve. Till today, I still have many questions about Thai Quang Trung life, which is still largely unresolved. Only Heaven knows."

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