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pic_author   Leigha White - Australia

Authenticated AUTHENTICATED BY ARTIST        James Powditch, half-way through life

Collection: Pop, Contemporary
Medium: Oil Painting
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 110*170*3
Extra details: signed
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  21/08/2019   1566435418360882
AUD $4000 / piece (excludes shipping cost)
Details of Art Work

Oil on stretched linen canvas, ready to hang with D rings on the back.

Exhibition History

Portia Geach Memorial Prize, S.H. Ervin Gallery    ----    2015

Selling Information

Shipping From:   Kilmore, VIC, Australia

About this Artwork

I have developed an obsession painting portraits. I have paired that with my curious nature and use the medium as a way of being invited into interesting people’s intimate spaces, which I include to give the viewer a story. My intention is to understand the sitters character and convey this through my work.

Artwork Provenance