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pic_author   MOSES ANG - Singapore

Authenticated AUTHENTICATED BY ARTIST        Anderson is My Will

Collection: Contemporary
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 30*23*0.1
Extra details: signed, dated
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  10/09/2019   1568085141587507
Details of Art Work

Artwork at Artist's studio in Singapore. Written text inscription with Du Pont ink pen and pencil over poem text manuscript.

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Shipping From:   Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

About this Artwork

Artist Statement : Anderson is My Will (2018) Poem by ANG YIAN SANN "Brokenness at the Bridge; Anderson is My Will. In thy Half; in thy Two by Two. The Promised Land! An inner Rock stands; The other in Quick Sand. Segregating God people from Sin people. One in Consecration, The other in Illusion. The Fake Prospers; Yet so Poor. A Global Melting Pot; Was a Fishing Village. WildFire Across Thailand to the Rest of Asia; China screams with India mutes. Old Wounds concur as 2008. Sin man escaped, Nowhere to run. Washing Dirty Linen at Hong Lim. Hong Kong resigns; Every reality comes to Dusting Ground; Reset! Ground Zero. Bridging Debts; Severing Blood Shed. Banksters went home without a Bail Out. Spill-Over! Consumers are Citizens of God. Greed Corrupts; Ground shaken. Worldly Realities collapsed in an Overly Night Falls; All Flatten. Immaturity of Sin man. Disobedience at its Core in Pinky Law at its Shores. On its Knees! Repent! Godly Ways preside. Come Back! Come Back. Fatherly Calls. Some Astray, Some are Devils' Picks. In the Name of the Spirit, Moses appears in James' Dream. It will be and Shall Be. Saved are those Consecrated; Healed in Lord's Grace and Mercy."

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