How to register your artwork on ArtChain Global

When you register your artwork on ArtChain Global, you are creating a digital title for your collection. Firstly, you will need to obtain an approved artist or an approved collector status on our platform. Once that is done, you will need up to 9 images of each artwork, at a reasonably close range so that our artificial intelligence system (we are calling it AMY!) can read, process and create a digital map of your artwork. Once the digital map is created, it will be stored together with the artwork details on our blockchain as a token (your artwork digital title). These tokens are securely stored, transferred or traded on our platform. With each new owner, the artwork’s provenance details will be added to the chain so that the current owner will have the full history of the artwork’s ownership. Artwork registered on ArtChain Global will all go through an authentication of original works process. The authentication is done by the artists personally and will be marked as so on the website.

Email us if you have other questions.